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Fodder conveyance at its best

When it comes to transporting fodder, i.e. dry fodder production or wet fodder production, high safety regulations and hygiene standards are a given. In terms of conveyor technology, this requires a partner that knows the ropes. A partner such as Schrage Conveying Systems: Years of know-how in bulk material technology and excellent knowledge of the industry make the company the first choice for handling sensitive bulk materials.

During the handling of animal feed, especially the conveying of fodder, it must be ensured that no undesirable substances are introduced into the bulk material during the transportation process. The hermetically closed system of the tube chain conveyor is particularly suitable for exactly this type of application.

Precise manufacturing – rather little product accumulation space

The right design of the conveyor system plays a particularly important role for the quality of the bulk material. The fewer joints or gaps there are within the conveyor system, the easier the cleaning and residual emptying. Residues of other substances pose a considerable risk of contamination of fodder and could endanger hygiene during storage and transport. Therefore, at Schrage, we pay special attention to precise manufacturing and smooth surfaces. Corners and edges are avoided as far as possible. From the outset, we apply fillers to all the cavities of the tube chain conveyor in order to avoid product accumulation spaces and to ensure transport without any dead space. Generously dimensioned maintenance openings in hard to reach places also allow the system to be cleaned by hand, if necessary.


Clean wet feed conveying system with CIP (Cleaning in Place) connections

If only dry materials are transported, such as fish food pellets or dog food croquettes, dry cleaning by "draining" the conveyor is absolutely sufficient. Cleaning the conveyor system after transporting sticky materials requires a little more effort, but is nevertheless easy. Depending on the material being conveyed, either simple cleaning with water is an option, or special cleaning nozzles for "Cleaning in Place" (CIP) are integrated into the system. This way, even slightly sludgy products, such as brewer's grains, pomace or molasses, can be transported from A to B without any problems.

Forced discharge, in case a little help is needed

Products which, due to their texture, will not separate from the conveyor chain by their own gravity will receive a little push. For example, rotating brushes can be used at the product discharge point, vibrators or knockers can separate the product from the chain by means of vibrations or impulses or the product is separated by means of air jets or air shots.

Feed conveyor technology to touch and try

In Schrage's technical centre in Friedeburg, customers can even see for themselves how well everything works before buying a system: Individual conveying and wear tests are carried out with their own product to verify the planned design, materials and line layout.

The right technology for each type of animal feed

Schrage's great advantage is that the systems can be adapted to a wide variety of bulk materials. Every bulk material has its own individual characteristics. Fodder grass and cereal fibres require a different conveyor design than cat food and slaughter residues or concentrated feed pellets and feed phosphate. However, there are no limits to transporting any kind of product, from fine dust to granules, coarse bulk materials or even adhesive products. Even with abrasive or toxic bulk materials, the materials used in the conveyor system are selected in such a way that rapid wear and tear and high service or maintenance costs are prevented.

Gentle product handling ensures consistent quality of the bulk materials

Consistent product quality is also particularly important in the animal feed industry. The low chain speed and light chain weight guarantee minimal wear and gentle product transport, with hardly any grain destruction.

Mobile transfer of concentrated feed pellets or permanently installed charging of mixed feed silos

One of the key strengths of the tube chain conveyor is its flexibility. Permanently installed, it covers horizontal distances of up to 60 m as easily as vertical courses of up to 40 m. And thanks to the closed system, almost every conceivable direction is possible.

For those who need even more flexibility, mobile tube chain conveyors are the best choice. They can be moved freely and are the optimal solution when it comes to filling agitators in the manufacture of compound feed or loading feed granulate onto silo trucks, for example.

Quality, experience and variety – good reasons to select Schrage for the conveyance of animal feed!

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