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One thing we can say for sure

There is chemistry between the conveyor and the load

Just as in the food industry, the demands on processing equipment in the chemical industry have increased enormously in recent years. On the one hand, the bulk materials used in the chemical industry are of very high quality and require gentle transport from A to B. On the other hand, handling the sometimes toxic or even explosive substances requires a high degree of safety for the operators through closed and explosion-proof systems.

Individually for each bulk solid

In addition, there must be resistance against aggressive chemical products, high plant availability from an economic point of view and a guarantee for high throughput rates.

And this is where Schrage conveyor technology kicks in with customised bulk material solutions that are perfectly adapted to the respective bulk material properties, especially for difficult hygroscopic bulk materials or toxic chemicals.

So, don’t go ballistic if your technology doesn’t cut it! Find out more about tube chain conveyors as an alternative.

There’s a cure for almost everything

And there is a solution for almost every bulk material

Drugs, whether for humans or animals, can heal, alleviate or even prevent diseases.

Therefore, the pharmaceutical industry places very high demands on the machines and systems that are part of the production process. Because the properties of the bulk materials as well as their professional handling impact the quality of powders, pills, capsules and granulates. 

Purity and quality are the key to success

A wide variety of active ingredients and excipients are used in the production process. Such materials are very valuable and must retain a consistent quality throughout their processing. This is guaranteed by the gentle product transport system using individual conveyor chambers. In addition, tube chain conveyors feature a food-safe design and have sufficient cleaning aids, such as brushes or CIP connections. The closed system prevents the plant operator from coming into contact with hazardous substances. 


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