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Let’s burn some rubber!

Whatever the bulk material, our tube chain conveyor will quickly take it from A to B.

Our conveyor systems operate smoothly in many industries, and they are part of the production process in rubber, tyre and foam factories, carbon black facilities as well as PET/PTA systems. 

Most bulk materials are solids, which need to be stored, filled and processed. The closely coordinated processes require reliable and safe transport, e.g. from the silo to the production site.

Our engineers are fast

Granulates, pellets, powder, ground material, flakes or fibres, e.g. PTA granules or adipic acid, PVC powder or carbon black are conveyed by tube chain conveyors. However, our engineers also develop creative and customised solutions for difficult nanoparticles, fluidising bulk material or even sludge.

Bulk material solutions for high performance requirements

High-quality bulk materials and increasingly complex product properties require professional handling in order to retain their quality. Safe infeed of the bulk materials into the continuous process, prevention of abrasion and segregation and absolute operational reliability in all areas: This is bulk material conveying at the highest technical level.

Feel free to see for yourself and test our conveyor system in person at our in-house technical centre.

The perfect solution for your industry

Your industry is not listed? We test your bulk material in our test facility!

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