We convey solutions.

There is only one thing on everyone's mind: how to go up in the world. We are slightly different in that we can also go sideways and diagonally.


It is all very simple: you need to convey bulk materials from A to B and we have the corresponding tube chain conveyor technology for that purpose.


As a complete conveyor system, it is modular with a flexible layout for a large variety of industries and bulk materials, along with interesting additional components to meet different desires. This
is all planned by highly specialized staff members who all have a passion for the new challenges that the handling of bulk materials poses. And the in-house test conveyor is looking forward to receiving your samples.

Conveying bulk materials with experience and passion

Our philosophy is equally straightforward:  If you tell us what bulk material you would like to convey, we will provide the appropriate solution. For more than 20 years, Schrage, a family business, has been using its expertise, experience, and curiosity to deliver solutions to there
they are needed – directly to you.