Simply the best for premium animal feed:
Feed conveyor technology by Schrage

Schrage feed conveyors will safely transport your bulk material from A to B
Schrage feed conveyors will safely transport your bulk material from A to B

The production and conveyance of animal feed are subject to strict safety regulations and sanitary standards. The closed Schrage tube chain conveyor system will ensure that no unwanted matter gets into the animal feed bulk. The fewer joints or gaps there are within the conveyor system the easier the cleaning and residual emptying is. The solution: Precise manufacturing, smooth surfaces and a minimum of angles and edges.

Clean solution for wet feed conveyor systems

In the case of fish food pellets, dry cleaning by means of “draining” the conveyed material is sufficient. In the case of transportation of brewer grains or sticky bran, the corresponding connections for “Cleaning in Place” (CIP) provide for efficient cleaning. Additional auxiliary equipment, such as rotating brushes, vibrators, knockers, air jets or air shots, support the
product discharge.

The right technology for each type of animal feed

Forage grass and cat food differ greatly from slaughter residues or feed phosphates. No matter which properties your bulk material may have: Our carefully selected material, slow chain speeds and the low weight of the chain guarantee transportation which suits the product and provides consistent quality. Simply the best for premium animal feed!

Mobile reloading or permanently installed systems

Permanently installed tube chain conveyors can handle distances of up to 60 m horizontally or 40 m vertically. Mobile systems, on the other hand, provide flexibility, e.g. for the filling of agitators in the mixed feed production or the reloading of feed granulates onto silo trucks.

Quality, experience and variety – good reasons to select Schrage for the conveyance of animal feed!

Products in the animal feed industry:

The tube chain conveyor can be used to transport individual feed, mixed feed, complete feed, special feed, feed supplements or admixtures of different kinds. These include:

Feed for small animals and farm animals: Feed for fish, dogs, cats, rodents, birds, cows,
horses, goats, sheep, poultry, pigs and cattle.

Vegetable, grains and legumes: Millet, wheat, barley, oats, rye, peas, beans, soy beans, dried grass, corn, pieces of tuber, turnip, carrots and potatoes.

Grains, seeds and nuts: Peanuts, coconut pieces, sunflower seeds, and sesame.

Mineral feed and additives: Calcium, phosphor, potassium, sodium, magnesium, chlorine,
sulfur, iron, copper, iodine, manganese, selenium, and zinc. 

Other types of feed: Fish meal, bran, mash, brewer grains, pomace, molasses, leftovers, sugar beet pulp, grit from small rocks and limestone pieces, extraction meal, expeller, middlings as well as blood silage or blood meal.