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Food safe conveyor system by Schrage

Food safe conveyor system for in-house bulk material handling
Food safe conveyor system for in-house bulk material handling

Every bulk material is different and places different
requirements on a food safe conveyor system. The
standards in the food industry are particularly high:
high demands on cleanliness, handling of sensitive
products and consistent product quality require a lot
of experience in the handling of bulk materials.

Hazelnuts and cashews, for example, need completely different materials than icing sugar or rock sugar.Good thing, Schrage has an individual conveying solution for every bulk material! From fine dust, granulate and coarse bulk materials to sticky products – we’ll help your bulk material acquire a taste for Schrage.

Perfect material selection – High quality

As a food safe conveyor system, Schrage offers everything your bulk material may need:smooth, easy to clean surfaces, special conveyor chains and the use of food safe grease and oil in the food sector are a given for us.And in addition, the special material used for the transport disks is recognised by optical foreign substance detectors – this way, impurities in the food caused by material abrasion are easily prevented.

Fast and easy product changes

At Schrage, we ensure to eliminate spaces where material can build up already during the design phase.Large cleaning apertures located in suitable areas over the entire conveyor allow for fast product changes without the need for elaborate interim cleanings.But “Cleaning in Place” (CIP)
is also an option.And sticky or adhesive products are easily moved by means of different forced discharge aids such as brushes, vibrators or air jets for separation.

40 m vertical conveyance thanks to a closed system

The hermetically closed system not only prevents the contamination of the bulk material, it also facilitates conveyance paths of up to 60 m horizontally or 40 m vertically. And around the corner is not a problem either, since our modular system includes all the components necessary for special layouts.

The low energy consumption and low maintenance costs make Schrage the first choice, and not only in the food industry!

Very versatile!
Products in the food industry:

Schrage tube chain conveyors are used in all sectors of the food industry.As a food safe conveyor system, we take on a huge variety of products!Here are a few examples:

Beverage producers, breweries, tea factories, coffee producers and malthouses: apple pieces, apricot seeds, baking malt, balm leaves, barley malt, bentonite, brewer’s yeast, brewing wheat, broken glass, calcium lactate, chia seeds, cinnamon bark, cocoa beans, corn, draff, ethyl vanillin, fennel powder, ginger root, grapes, ground aniseed, ground coffee, hibiscus flowers, hops, juniper berries, lavender flowers, lemon zest, malt, malt flour, malting barley, mash, mint tea, refined sugar, rock candy, rosehips, rose petals, rye, spelt, stripped off labels, tea dust, tea leaves.

Oil mills: bleaching earth, coke, cocoanut pieces, corn, flaxseed, grape seeds, oil shale dust, olives, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, rapeseed, soybean sprouts, sunflower seeds, walnuts.

Sugar refineries and manufacturers of artificial sweeteners:
aspartame, brown sugar, cane sugar, castor sugar, coarse sugar, confectioner’s sugar, cyclamate, dextrose, fructose, glucose, granulated sugar, icing sugar, instant sugar, lactose, maltose, neohesperidin, preserving sugar, refined sugar, rock sugar, saccharin, soft sugar, sweetener powder, thaumatin, vanilla sugar.

Salt factories: boric acid, ferric oxide, kieserite, magnesium oxide, potash, rock salt.

Tobacco industry: cloves, guar flour, sugar, tobacco.

Sweets industry: apple extract, allspice, almonds, baking soda, barley malt extract, broken cookies, butterscotch pieces, cereal pops, chocolate chips, cloves, cocoa powder, coconut flakes, corn flour, cream powder, currants, diphosphate, dried fruit, fruit powder, ginger pieces, lactitol, lebkuchen spice, pine nuts, pistachios, nuts, raisins, rice flour, salt, sodium acetate, spice powder, sweet whey powder, titanium dioxide, whole egg powder, wheat flakes, wheat starch, whole milk powder, xylitol.