The Schrage inclusive-carefree-packet

Our Schrage-Service-Team

Schrage does not simply supply the machinery; but
powerful conveying systems and real service.

Our specialists carry out extensive inspections in order
to ensure that your production is running smoothly,
and that all spare parts are delivered as fast as
international logistics permit.

By the way, thanks to years of experience and the use of optimum materials for all our conveying systems, we managed to obtain maximum maintenance intervals and excellent durability for wear and tear parts.

Long life guarantee for conveyor systems

For as long as you are using our tube chain conveyor, we will be there for you, no ifs and buts, with full warranty coverage, even, of course, after the warranty has actually already expired.
That is what we, at Schrage, consider as customer service. Actually, all we really want is for you to be completely satisfied with our conveyor systems.