See now? That's how we do it!

Test facility in Friedeburg

Our bulk handling system - analyze your conveying material in our test facility

The Schrage testing facility - product specific bulk
handling systems for your bulk material.
We have our own technology center because we do
not like to leave anything to chance. We are able to
analyze your bulk material at our testing facility. If
you send us a sample of your bulk material, we will
document everything on video. Alternatively, you can
simply pay us a visit so that we can look for a solution together in person. Then, you can see for yourself as to just how a wear test works. And it helps us to find the right material pairing from which we can determine the ideal material for the discs, conveyor chain, and even housing (tubes and tube bends). As a rule, we leave nothing undone and leave absolutely nothing to chance. After all, our bulk handling system will be employed at your site.

We test conveyor systems right where you need us:
On site!

We will even provide you with product-specific test machinery, so that we can conduct operation-based long-term testing, which is needed for the planning new conveyor systems.

As you can see, Schrage will do whatever it takes to provide you with the perfect product.