Silo truck loading - Fix. Easy. Flexbile.
The BULKup is ready to use within 2 minutes

Silo truck loading: Out of bigbags or bags and into wagons, trucks or containers
Silo truck loading: Out of bigbags or bags and into wagons, trucks or containers

For many years now we have been offering not only our permanently installed classic conveyor systems, but also a number of mobile solutions for bulk material handling. Now, however, we have revolutionised the loading of trucks with our new BULKup® conveyor system. “We kept receiving requests which included the same requirements: Bulk material had to be reloaded from a sack or big bag onto a truck in the most efficient manner possible. The customers wanted to optimise the process in order to reduce the enormous amount of time and effort expended by the personnel,” explains Ralf Schrage. “So our engineers got together and, based on their experience with our mobile conveyors, developed the BULKup®. This machine combines all the advantages of mobile conveyors and is tailored to the requirements of bulk material handling. On top of that, it features an even more compact and space-saving design. This puts an end to the laborious and cumbersome loading of trucks.”

Absolutely independent and quickly on site

As a self-sustaining conveyor system, the BULKup® is completely independent from other systems, guarantees absolutely dust-free loading and provides a solution on site, right where it is needed, and to virtually any reloading task in a cost-saving and effective manner.
All that is needed is a power outlet and the BULKup® is ready to go. The electromechanical drive at the main chassis allows for erecting into the 45° working position in no time at all. This way, bulk materials can be loaded quickly and evenly without any major effort into silo trucks and wagons, containers, sacks or big bags. And since it is a closed system, the bulk material will not be contaminated during transportation.


The universal conveyor system for all industries

This power machine was designed for virtually all industries, where bulk materials need to be reloaded frequently and where cleaning has to be easy during rapid product changes. The BULKup® is suitable for all free flowing, pourable and relatively dry bulk materials, products with temperatures of up to 80°C as well as difficult bulk materials, which are abrasive, toxic or highly sensitive. But even compacting powders or dust, such as powdered clay, colour pigments, activated carbon, preservatives, fillers and much more, can be easily handled by this system.

Extraordinary design

Easy handling by fork lift for bulk for flexible loading of bulk material into trucks, containers and railway wagons
Easy handling by fork lift for bulk for flexible loading of bulk material into trucks, containers and railway wagons

The specially designed chassis and the new design make the BULKup® more compact and lighter and easier to manoeuvre for fast transportation from A to B.

This can either be done by means of towing equipment or by loading the BULKup® onto a truck, if the distances between operation sites are larger. At the same time, the quality of the weather-resistant materials allows indoor as well as outdoor operation.

Plenty of accessories

The basic version is equipped with a drive station including a chain tensioning unit, chain movement control and conveyor chain as well as a bag loading station and standard loading fixtures.
The conveyor can be upgraded with feed hoppers, with a traverse for cranes or forklifts, with bag cutting knifes for big bags or with a stainless steel grate for manual bag loading.
Schrage also developed a tumble station for emptying big bags better. It uses “boxers” to loosen up those bulk materials, which tend to form material bridges and cause blockage in the feed area.  Alternatively, a knocker unit – electric or pneumatic – provides for smooth operation. And, if necessary, rotary valves or gate valves can also be used in order to achieve an even filling of the conveyor.
The “Premium” loading unit with pneumatically inflatable sealing collar, double bellows, integrated filter unit, height adjustment via electric winch, locking cone, level indicator, and innovative control unit guarantees 100% dust tightness. And optionally, the BULKup®, including its accessories, is also available in stainless steel.

Two sizes

Depending on the desired flow rate, two versions are available:

  • BULKup® BU 135 with a flow rate of up to 25 m3/h
    and a drive capacity of approx. 3 kW and
  • BULKup® BU 200 with a flow rate of up to 60 m3/h
    and a drive capacity of approx. 7.5 kW.

Test it, rent it or just buy it

The design combines notable economic efficiency with the typical high Schrage quality. On top of that, series production provides for really attractive pricing. And if you don’t want to buy it, you can also rent the BULKup®. To see the advantages first hand, just test this powerful machine under real conditions at your own site or here in Friedeburg at our Schrage test facility.


The BULKup® compared to other systems

There are quite a few technologies available on the market for reloading bulk materials; mostly, however, these are screw or belt conveyors.
Unlike those systems, the new BULKup® also allows the conveying of very free flowing products
at a 45° angle. Screw conveyors operating at such angles are usually subject to high amounts of backflow of material, and open belt conveyors would not work well at all. And since, in the BULKup®, the bulk material is transported within the chambers between the conveyor discs, it is not circulated and in the case of mixed products there is no risk of demixing during transportation. The low chain speed provides for the extremely gentle transportation of the product.

All important features at a glance

Being the efficient loading device it is, the mobile BULKup® saves time, reduces costs for logistics and minimises operational and labour costs. Further advantages are the fast and economic commissioning as well as high availability. Adjustments or reconfigurations on site
are not necessary. And, the conveyor system can be set up anywhere, hooked up to 400 V - done: The system is running.
The BULKup® is also quiet and virtually maintenance-free and features low energy consumption. Only the chain tension and the wear parts need to be checked at intervals. Other advantages include easy and safe handling as well as accident-free and dependable operation by just one person. More than that, it has a long life span due to its high quality and the excellent price/performance ratio and drastically reduces the reloading and loading times. The risk of accidents during the loading of toxic or explosive materials is also minimised. 
The conveyor system comes completely assembled via truck or by sea in a 40” container.

In short, the BULKup® is the ideal solution, if bulk materials have to be reloaded quickly, easily, cost efficiently and if short conveying distances have to be covered by a mobile device. The BULKup® is cheaper to purchase and to operate due to its consistent performance.

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