Consulting has nothing to do with guessing.
It is directly related to knowledge, planning,
and experience.

That is why you can trust Schrage: No matter what your question is – we will be there to help
you. We are more than happy to visit you in order to analyze your conditions and determine your priorities. Our extensive experience enables us to quickly determine what is important for your configuration. Moreover, you will obtain an immediate idea of what our expertise can do for you.

We are not entirely alone during the planning stage, as we are also assisted by modern CAD programs, which can simulate virtually every possible situation. Furthermore, we only build configurations that have been shown to work on the computer. This does not stop us from
trying to work out new ways of improving tube chain conveyor technology, however.

Moreover, with the help of our clients and the transfer of knowledge from universities and colleges, we can look forward to further developments in the future so that we can continue
to offer the best advice available.