Advantages of
tube chain conveyors

  • Permanently dust-tight system
  • Easy to charge and discharge
  • Far easier cleaning because of its
    design with almost no dead space
  • Multiple inlets and outlets possible
  • Less maintenance necessary since
    vertical bulk solids handling does
    not require any tensioning stations
  • Pressure shock resistant and flame
    propagation proof conveyor system
  • Many variations possible due to its 
    flexible layout
Becherwerk (rechts) im Vergleich zum Rohrkettenförderer (links)
Becherwerk (rechts) im Vergleich zum Rohrkettenförderer (links)

Advantages of
bucket elevators

  • Less grain destruction at accordant
    product charge and discharge
  • Suitable for coarser bulk materials
    and larger grain sizes
  • Higher conveyor capacities possible
  • Larger conveyor heights possible