Advantages of
tube chain conveyors

  • No intermediate bearings necessary
    for long distances, thereby eliminating
    possible ignition sources
  • Design with nearly no dead space, low
    grain destruction, and low wear due to
    low friction
  • 3 D layout (only conditionally possible
    with screw conveyors using several
    sections and drives; incline is very
    limited by product)
  • Vertical transport possible without any
  • Low energy consumption
  • Flame propagation proof due to large
    number of chambers
  • Bulk material can be transported in two
    directions simultaneously
  • Easy cleaning in case of a product change
Schneckenförderer (oben) im Vergleich zum Rohrkettenförderer (unten)
Schneckenförderer (oben) im Vergleich zum Rohrkettenförderer (unten)

Advantages of
screw conveyors

  • More cost efficient for shorter distances
  • Requires less space