Cleaning in Place (CIP)

You have a product that requires “Cleaning in Place” (CIP)? Depending on the application, this is now also possible with our tube chain conveyors. We integrate CIP cleaning ports and any number of connectors for drying into the conveyor line. This way, you can connect them to your system on site and flush it with cleaning substances, disinfectants or even hot liquids. And all that without having to dismantle the system!

However, it depends on the bulk material, if CIP can be incorporated or not. We will be happy to consult with you when it comes to bringing your bulk material safely to its destination. Simply ask our experts!

All the advantages at a glance

  • Several ports for cleaning and drying can be integrated into the system
  • No dismantling of the conveyor system is necessary for cleaning
  • Use of food-safe materials, smooth surfaces and detectable conveyor discs possible