Detectable disc material

Food-safe chain conveyor for the food industry
Food-safe chain conveyor for the food industry

Special products – special qualities: In the food industry, high demands on cleanliness often require the use of special materials. Therefore, our engineers have developed special conveyor discs for the food industry: Due to their composition, they can be detected by optical foreign substance detectors as well as by metal detectors.

This way, possible impurities within the food, e.g. caused by material abrasion, can be prevented by segregating contaminated bulk material on time. With the FDA approval, this provides for even more safety in food production. With conveyor technology by Schrage, you are definitely on the safe side!

All the advantages at a glance

  • Prevention of food contamination
  • Bolted conveyor discs can be replaced or retrofitted at any time
  • With blue colouring for optical detection
  • Admixing of additives for detection by metal detectors