Infeed & Discharge
Nothing will stick with these accessories

Our convenient infeed and discharge aids will make sure that sticky, adhesive or sludgy products are conveyed just as smoothly as fine dust or compacting powder.

Gas impulse discharge:
Keeping it safe!

With the help of gas impulses, the bulk
material comes off the conveyor chain.
Great for products that react with oxygen.

Air impulse discharge:
A fresh breeze!

Bulk materials with poor flow properties or
sticky products are easily separated from the
chain and discs by means of an air impulse.

Beater support:
Keeping the flow!  

Is your bulk material a little too attached?
Then beaters in the infeed and discharge
area will provide for an even product flow.

Bridge breakers:
Keep it going!

The rotating infeed aids will prevent any
kind of agglutination. Just keep it flowing!