Beater support

Your product is extremely attached? Sticky, adhesive or compacting? Then a beater will provide
for flawless operation during infeed and discharge.

During the infeed process it can prevent the dreaded formation of bridges (agglutinations).
The beaterr will get floury bulk materials, heavily compacting powder or very fine dust, such as titanium dioxide in motion by means of vibrations and makes sure that the bulk material flows freely along the outer wall of the infeed hopper.

But it also helps with discharging products, e.g. by separating it from the conveyor chain. The beater causes a slide to vibrate, which moves over the conveyor discs above the conveyor chain, thereby separating the bulk material from the chain.

By the way, beaters are operated pneumatically or electrically, depending on the air supply connection or the noise limit on site. If low noise is required, an electric beaterr with an unbalance motor is the right choice. Of course, our beaters are also available in an ATEX-compliant design and adapted to mild steel or stainless steel and – as always – in top Schrage quality!

All the advantages at a glance

  • Supports the infeed and discharge of bulk materials
  • For sticky bulk materials, compacting powders or fine dusts
  • Available in electric or pneumatic design
  • In mild or stainless steel, depending on design