Bridge breakers

Bridge breakers are the solution for sludge or sticky products with poor flow properties, which tend to form material agglutinations or bridges.

If the product already starts accumulating in the infeed area and thus prevents continuous transportation, our rotating infeed aids, the so-called bridge breakers will come to your aid.

And the great thing is that they effectively prevent agglutinations before they even start forming.

The structured surface of the stainless steel wheels supports this effect and also promotes the turnover inside the infeed hopper. This way, the middle of the chute remains clear, the filling level can be estimated at any time and, if necessary, readjusted.

The wheels are moved by means of an independent drive; their rotational speed is variable and can be adjusted to the conveyed medium.

No more cost and time intensive downtimes, but simply reliable operation – that is conveyor technology made by Schrage!

All the advantages at a glance

  • Supports the infeed of products with poor flow properties
  • Prevents bridge formation and agglomeration in the infeed area
  • Guarantees the continuous flow of the product
  • Rotational speed can easily be adjusted to the conveyed material
  • No more downtimes – reliable operation