Gas impulse discharge

Coal dust, sulphur or outgassing solids can be a challenge for many conveyor systems. Especially products that react with oxygen can be highly explosive! But our tube chain conveyors will safely distribute these media to various discharge sites such as silos or reactors.

The solution is called a gas impulse discharge using nitrogen: A gun will trigger controlled gas impulses via nozzles to separate the bulk material from the conveyor chain even without the help of gravity. Depending on the zone, this can be done in compliance with ATEX, gas or pressure tight or explosion proof, because Schrage accessories are not only safe, but they are also quite the standard.

All the advantages at a glancE

  • Supports the discharge of sticking and explosive bulk materials
  • Can be used with bulk materials that react with oxygen
  • Attached to the discharge sites or at the site of transfer to other systems
  • In this case, the entire system will be designed in compliance with ATEX
  • Depending on the bulk material, the design is gas and pressure tight or explosion proof