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Oral and visual perspectives

Tube chain conveyers

You can find whatever it takes to make it even easier to choose one of our Schrage 
tube chain conveyors: moving pictures and conclusive facts all at the click of a button.

Moving pictures and convincing facts


We sparkle with cleanliness!

CUSTOM design meets food-safe materials: Our custom solution for the highest hygienic requirements according to your individual specifications.

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Corporate video “Moving Technology”

Everything you always wanted to know about tube chain conveying and Schrage: vivid and 
appealing … and full of action!

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Conveying of sludge

We can do it! Here’s the proof: Schrage tube chain conveyors can even handle 
sludgy products.

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Truck loading with the BULKup

Full power, yet gentle on the product, easy to handle and low maintenance – the BULKup is perfect for continuous on-site bulk material handling.

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BigBag Conveyor Unit

Very variable – flexible inclination and adjustable length. The integrated big bag tumble station ensures the necessary product flow.

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Sludge and adhesive products

Rotating “bridge breakers” to support the infeed and cleaning brushes in order to support the 
discharge. Nothing is going to get stuck!

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Bulk material handling with flexible inclination

The mobile short distance sprinter for your bulk material. Variable – not only in length 
and inclination. But see for yourself...

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Container Conveyor Unit

Absolutely flexible: Simply position the tube chain conveyor to where you need it, and
 off you go...

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Mobile Truck Loading

We just love bulk conveyor systems of all kinds. Here´s a really excellent solution: Tube Chain
Conveyor for Mobile Truck Loading.

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Schrage "INSIDE" Showroom in Friedeburg

Schrage conveyor technology at a glance. Take a look at what you can expect. We are
looking forward to seeing you!

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Schrage "INSIDE" Production on 3,600 sq. meters

Our tube chain conveyors are manufactured right here in Friedeburg, Germany. A brief insight into 
our production facility.

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Truck Loader: Twice the power

The Truck Loader applies a two bag technology to quickly load your truck. And, of course, it is dust-free and absolutely reliable, as usual.

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Conveying of Cullet

Conveyance with crystal clear advantages: Schrage conveyors in the beverage industry.

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Conveying of Granulate

Regardless of the industry, plastics or recycling, this video will give you a quick insight into the 
extensive range of applications for Schrage tube chain conveyors.

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Conveying of Coffee Bean

Coffee or tea? Either one. Because, in the food industry, our systems are very adept.

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Always at hand, where a tube chain conveyor is needed for emptying big bags or sacks.

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The world’s fastest conveyor technology at the Jade Race

We just proved just how mobile Schrage can be. The Schrage dragster CHAINSTORM² aced the ¼ mile race

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Tube chain conveyors in the limelight






Test facility/ Production

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3D models

Equipment | BigBag emptying station for forklift trucks

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Equipment | BigBag emptying station for crane runways

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Equipment | Bag emptying station

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Equipment | Loading fixture

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Equipment | Rotary valve

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Equipment | 2-way distributor

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Equipment | Flat slide valves

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Equipment | Kombistation

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