Tube chain conveyers: 

oral and visual perspectives

You can find whatever it takes to make it even easier to choose one of our Schrage
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The mobile Truck Loader 270 for fast on-site bulk material handling
The mobile Truck Loader 270 for fast on-site bulk material handling

Truck Loader: Twice the power

The Truck Loader applies a two bag technology to quickly load your truck. And, of course, it is dust-free and absolutely reliable, as usual.

BULKup: on-site material handling!
BULKup: on-site material handling!

Truck loading with the BULKup

Full power, yet gentle on the product, easy to handle and
low maintenance – the BULKup is perfect for continuous
on-site bulk material handling.

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Easy Big Bag discharge with variable conveyor technology
Easy Big Bag discharge with variable conveyor technology

“BIG BAG Conveyor Unit"

Very variable – flexible inclination and adjustable

length. The integrated big bag tumble station
ensures the necessary product flow.

Sludge conveying with tube chain conveyor
Sludge conveying with tube chain conveyor

Sludge and adhesive products

Rotating “bridge breakers” to support the infeed
and cleaning brushes in order to support the
discharge. Nothing is going to get stuck!

Our technical report about sludge conveyor

Bulk material handling with flexible inclination
Bulk material handling with flexible inclination

Bulk material handling
with flexible inclination

The mobile short distance sprinter for your
bulk material. Variable – not only in length
and inclination. But see for yourself... 

Mobile container conveyor unit

“Container Conveyor Unit”

Absolutely flexible: Simply position the tube
chain conveyor to where you need it, and
off you go...

Sludge transport

Conveying of sludge

We can do it! Here’s the proof: Schrage
tube chain conveyors can even handle
sludgy products.

Our technical report about sewage sludge

Mobile Truck Loading

Mobile Truck Loading

We just love bulk conveyor systems of all kinds.
Here´s a really excellent solution: Tube Chain
Conveyor for Mobile Truck Loading. 


Technical report about our mobile conveyor


Corporate video
“Moving Technology”

Everything you always wanted to know about
tube chain conveying and Schrage: vivid and
appealing … and full of action!

Our Showroom in Friedeburg

Schrage "INSIDE"
Showroom in Friedeburg

Schrage conveyor technology at a glance.
Take a look at what you can expect. We are
looking forward to seeing you!


Production on 3,600 sq. meters

Schrage "INSIDE"
Production on 3,600 sq. meters

Our tube chain conveyors are manufactured right
here in Friedeburg, Germany. A brief insight into
our production facility.

Cullet transport with tube chain conveyor

Conveying of Cullet

Conveyance with crystal clear advantages:
Schrage conveyors in the beverage industry.

Conveying of Granulate

Conveying of Granulate

Regardless of the industry, plastics or recycling,
this video will give you a quick insight into the
extensive range of applications for Schrage tube
chain conveyors





Conveying of food

Conveying of Coffee Bean

Coffee or tea? Either one. Because, in the food
industry, our systems are very adept.

Our technical report about food conveyance

Mobile hopper filling


Always at hand, where a tube chain conveyor is
needed for emptying big bags or sacks.







Animation-Tube Chain Conveyors


We will transport your bulk goods with ease from
A to B and show you how perfectly tube chain
conveyors work.



Our brochure offers an overview about our Tube Chain Conveyor
Schrage image brochure

There are many sides to Schrage – and some
are just gorgeous!
Our image brochure for virtual browsing.

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Our list of references

Schrage conveys solutions – worldwide:
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being used.

The vertical conveying is almost maintenance free and amazingly affordable

Data sheet for the
vertical Tube chain conveyor

The vertical conveyor requires no tensioning
station and is thereby almost maintenance
free and amazingly affordable. 

Flat Tube chain conveyor with many combination possibilities

Data sheet for the
flat Tube chain conveyor

Especially its low installation height makes
it the first choice for many applications. 

The upright conveyor is useful to overcome larger distance without any supports

Data sheet for the
upright Tube chain conveyor

Even when it gets a little bit tricky: For example,
when only narrow passages are available, or 
for a larger distance without any supports.