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Think sustainable! ️

Do you have worn out PE B conveyor discs?

Sustainability is something we’ve valued for a long time, as durability and future-proof solutions have been as much a part of the Schrage philosophy from day one as our heartfelt passion for our products.

That’s why we would like your recycled conveyor discs to have have another life in a range of applications, both within the food industry and beyond.
To help us with this,
simply clean your old discs (just a basic clean) and send them to us.
Our partners in Germany will then shred them into granulate material and make them into new products using injection moulding – powered substantially by energy from renewables sources.

The benefit to you, apart from doing your bit to protect the environment, is that you will receive a 10% credit towards the value of new conveyor discs.

If you are able to use recycled discs, we can provide these to you at a reduced price. You won’t suffer any drop in quality because there is none: the recycled plastic material has the same characteristics as new plastic.

Our energy-efficient production systems, low-wear components, and sturdy products are all ways in which we’re there for you and our environment.