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Test facility

See now? That's how we do it!

The Schrage testing facility - product specific bulk handling systems for your bulk material. We have our own technology center because we do not like to leave anything to chance. We are able to analyze your bulk material at our testing facility.
If you send us a sample of your bulk material, we will document everything on video. Alternatively, you can simply pay us a visit so that we can look for a solution together in person. Then, you can see for yourself as to just how a wear test works.
And it helps us to find the right material pairing from which we can determine the ideal material for the discs, conveyor chain, and even housing (tubes and tube bends).

As a rule, we leave nothing undone and leave absolutely nothing to chance. After all, our bulk handling system will be employed at your site.

We test conveyor systems right where you need us: on site!

We will even provide you with product-specific test machinery, so that we can conduct operation-based long-term testing, which is needed for the planning new conveyor systems. As you can see, Schrage will do whatever it takes to provide you with the perfect product.


Every bulk material is different: Do you know your own value?

Are you aware of all the properties of the product that you would like to transport? Bulk materialis not just bulk material! Successful conveying methods are not necessarily transferable to other materials. We always start with analysis.This helps us to determine the extent of the challenge and enables us to deliver swift and accurate responses to your enquiries. Material characteristics, for example …

Tests! Tests! Tests!
But does it work?

That is precisely what we need to know before we plan a layout configuration! You will also profit from a solution that has been based on your specific bulk material and circumstances from the outset.

That is why we are rarely satisfied with mere material tests. The Schrage test facility enables us to conduct conveyor tests under realistic conditions, in which we would be delighted to welcome you to Friedeburg so that we can demonstrate our working tube chain conveyor models.

It runs and runs and runs ...
Test runs and long-term testing

Even a conveyor test is sometimes not enough. To find out exactly how your specific material will react under various conditions, we can conduct test runs with your bulk material at our own technology center. 

We will even offer to provide you with product-specific test machinery so that we can conduct site-oriented long-term research. That is better than any laboratory test run because a one-to-one test answers many important questions and delivers the data that we need during the subsequent planning phase. 

Therefore, go ahead and test what we can do for you.

Production hall

We produce here - for good reasons

75m long, 48m wide = 3,500 square meters of conveying solutions: The Schrage production hall.

As of May 2009, all our tube chain conveyors are produced, processed, assembled, and made ready for shipping all over the world here, right at our facility in Friedeburg – quality made in Germany down to the smallest detail. This way we can be sure to meet our customers’ increasing demands. However, most of all, you will benefit from the short distances. Whatever it is that our engineers develop individually just for you, it will be built, tested and shipped right next door. That is what we call a true advantage of location. All of our departments work harmoniously hand in hand, just the way you know it from our conveyor technology.


Our complete Schrage range of chain conveyor systems in our exhibition hall.

Everything you need to know about Schrage’s conveyingtechnology is presented vividly and compactly in our exhibition hall in Friedeburg. The entire Schrage rangeof chain conveyor systems will be displayed here. For all intents and purposes, it is a small universe of bulk handling systems, including accessories. And we leave nothing undone in trying to present our chain conveyor systems as hands on as possible, even in full operation.

Quality certificates

Quality is not just another word for us.

We can prove it.

Trust is okay, but verification is better. Don’t just take our word for it. 

We have full affirmation of our standards.


These accolades show that we take customer satisfaction rather seriously. The things that we do every day to make ourselves a little bit better are published in a quality management guide for all to see.   

Because we can prove that our quality is of the highest standard with DIN EN ISO 9001, you are not requested to just take our word for it. 

Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001

A close relationship with universities, universities of applied science and industry associations constantly expands our knowledge about the conveyance of bulk materials. Our curiosity and our ambition drive us forward and enable us to tirelessly research and optimise our products, ensuring that our customers can be absolutely sure of the quality of our products. 

German Bulk Materials Industry Association (DSIV) e.V.

We make our quality visible. The CE marking of our tube chain conveyors clearly shows that the conformity of our systems corresponds to the requirements of the European Union.
With the CE marking, we declare that our tube chain conveyor, as an individual installation, fulfills all the applicable community rules and that all mandated conformity assessment procedures (such as risk assessment, hazard analysis, and verification of compliance with the standards) have been carried out. 

Now it is official: We fulfill all the quality requirements according to the DIN EN ISO 3834 series of standards for the production of fusion-welded components and structures. This includes welding during made-to-order production as well as during assembly and service. This is yet another contribution on our part to the quality assurance of our products. 

Welding certificate

This is another certificate for plants or equipment used in production facilities in Russia with a high risk profile.
The RTN permit is issued by the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological, and Atomic Supervision ROSTECHNADZOR (formerly GGTN – GOSGORTECHNADZOR).
The certificate proves that our tube chain conveyors are not subject to this permit and, therefore, they do not require the certificate.

RTN Negative Clearance

The EAC certificate confirms that our tube chain conveyors have been presented to an accredited authority of the customs union and that they comply with all the technical regulations. It is proof that our conveyor systems fulfill the minimum requirements and do not require certification as
per TR-ZU. It is valid in Russia, Republic of Belarus, and Kazakhstan. 

EAC Certificate

This certificate is also only valid in Russia; however, this one is mandatory. It certifies that Schrage´s products fulfill all the necessary technical requirements corresponding to Russia`s hygiene standards.   

Hygiene certificate not a certificate, but rather a directive that Schrage also uses at their location in Friedeburg, Germany: The ATEX directive 2014/34/EZ (previously 94/9/EG or “ATEX 95”) defines the regulations for putting into circulation products for use in environments with explosive atmospheres. It serves the purpose of protecting those who work in such environments. Therefore, the directive stipulates the fundamental health and safety requirements which must be met by the manufacturer. Here at Schrage, not only do we work in compliance with this directive, but we also fulfil the quality assurance system for the manufacturing, final acceptance and testing of conveyor systems and components which will be used in environments with explosive atmospheres.

Acceptance notification of quality assurance


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