The best equipment out there for handling your bulk materials


Every bulk material
needs to be handled differently.

This page features products that can take care of your metering, emptying, distributing, and unloading needs. Basically put, the point where bulk material handling begins is the point where we already have the right solution for our tubular drag chain conveyors and alternative conveying systems as well.


We want to make your life easier, so we have additional bulk material handling systems in our product portfolio that complement our tubular drag chain conveyors perfectly.



A passion for detail.

When it comes to our products and ourselves, no one’s more demanding than us. And that’s exactly why we didn’t just stop at our tubular drag chain conveyors and instead came up with the perfect accessories for handling your bulk material as well! Emptying stations, cell meters, loading sets, flat discharge gates, and two-way distributors – all of them fit perfectly into the Schrage universe while offering unparalleled Schrage quality.



If a fully custom system isn’t what you need, we can instead offer you equipment overhauled for your specific needs.

  • Custom delivery rates
  • Custom paintwork
  • A gear drive for your needs
  • Fully covered by Schrage warranties
  • Testable at any time

Take a look:

Always ready.

We know, what your bulk material need.

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