Schrage Company History

How it all started

It all started with a question: What is the best way to move bulk material from A to B?  By this time, at the end of the 1970s, Remmer Schrage had already gained extensive experience with regard to conveyor technology – from screw conveyors to bucket elevators. However, our clients wanted more:  “Can’t we improve it all?” Can’t we make it more flexible, dust tight, or more energy efficient? Thus, Remmer Schrage started to experiment with round disks, which were pulled by cords or chains, inside tube cases. Because the chain proved to be rather practical, the name “tube chain conveyor” was adopted. The advantages were as great as the demand, so that Remmer Schrage decided to establish the company Schrage Rohrkettensystem GmbH on July 31, 1987.

Prospectuses were printed and the first prototype was built on a mobile chassis so that Schrage could convince all interested parties with a private conveyor demonstration. Remmer Schrage set out from his native Friedeburg, in Ostfriesland, and drove throughout the entire country with his mobile demonstration apparatus.
In the beginning, people were rather bemused by the sight of the contraption but the effort soon paid dividends. The tube chain conveyors were astonishingly well suited to applications in various industrial sectors. Today, Schrage technology is not only utilized in Ostfriesland, but also all over the world.  
The mobile prototype (which can still be seen in Friedeburg) has developed into an entire technology center. While continuing to perfect the tube chain conveyors, Schrage has also managed to construct more than 2,300 conveyor plants since 1987. His sons Ralf and Frank Schrage run the company now. The two progeny share their father’s passion for the job, especially when an unusual bulk-material sample arrives and poses a new challenge for the constructers, for example.

Many years full of new ideas and systems

Apart from the classic tube chain conveyors as permanently installed systems, there are now also many mobile conveyors for flexible bulk material handling as well as individually tailored special solutions. In the industry, Schrage Conveying Systems is known as a true “problem solver”, since the engineers’ pioneering spirit has them searching for the perfect solution, especially in the case of tricky problems. The latest development is the “BULKup” (www.bulkup.de), a space-saving foldable system. It can be moved by means of a lift truck and within 2 minutes it is ready to load bulk material from big bags onto a truck, for example.

Many projects require lots of space

Schrage has also grown in terms of space: As early as in 2005, Schrage added their own test facility as well as an exposition hall. In 2006, a new administrative building was added and, in May 2009, the production facility was built. Due to the continuous growth and many enquiries, more buildings are now being added: The production facility will grow by another 2,100 m² in order to increase the storage capacity and to optimise the storage of components. It will then be possible, for example, to store tubes and bends closer to the saw to shorten distances and optimise the working time. New crane systems will alleviate the work on the saw.

The new open assembly space is ideal for putting together the stand alone systems, the mobile tube chain conveyors and the BULKup. The delivery area will be reconstructed so that the engineers can take care of the final inspection of the entire system on site. Soon it will be possible to easily load deliveries in the yard, which will be extended by another 2,400 m². There will also be sufficient space for storing raw products.

Active in almost all industries

Schrage’s customers come from very diverse branches of industry, from cement works and power stations to the coal industry and recycling companies. Sales have increased especially in the pharmaceutical and food industries, due to Schrage’s extensive know-how. These industries are subject to special regulations on cleanliness and safety, and the building reconstruction can also be used for separating the mild and stainless steel manufacturing. In addition, new welding fume extraction systems will be added, and a welding robot for larger quantities at the end of 2017.

The continuous joy in finding new solutions, the many interesting branches of industry, the worldwide application and the positive order situation give the management as well as the staff of Schrage Conveying Systems a very positive outlook into the future.