How it all started

The first brochures are printed out and a prototype is built and mounted on a trailer to win over prospective customers with a conveyor demo.

That’s how Remmer Schrager first got started and took his idea across the country from his home base of Friedeburg in East Frisia, wowing people with his mobile demo system along the way – and getting a bunch of orders for his product, of course. In hindsight, that should come as no surprise. His tube chain conveyors were the perfect solution for an incredibly wide range of industries, and would accordingly make their way not only across Germany, but the entire world as well. As for the fate of that old mobile demo system? You can pay a visit to us in Friedeburg and take a look at it for yourself. We’ve since replaced it with a state-of-the-art technical center. All in all, it’s against this backdrop that Schrage has built thousand of systems and continuously perfected tube chain conveyance since 1987. Today, his sons Ralf and Frank Schrage run the company and share his passion for our systems and everything associated with them.  In fact, that’s why their eyes light up whenever we get new or highly unusual bulk material probes that really put the brains of our design engineers to work.

Years and years of original ideas and systems

In addition to our classic tube chain conveyor in stationary format, we now also have many mobile conveyor systems for flexible bulk material handling, as well as custom-tailored special-purpose solutions. In fact, Schrage Conveying Systems is seen as a true problem solver in the industry, which makes perfect sense when looking at the trailblazing spirit


of our engineers and how they keep coming up with the perfect solution every time, no matter how challenging the task. The most recent development is our BULKup system, which can be collapsed in order to save space, can be moved with a forklift, and takes a mere two minutes to be ready to get to work and, for instance, transfer bulk materials from big bags to a truck.


A lot of projects need a lot of space

Schrage has also grown bigger physically: With our own technical center, a showroom, an office building, and our own production facilities, we keep expanding year after year. Among other things, this has enabled us to optimize distances and process times, with a perfect example being a new open assembly area where our standalone systems, mobile tubular


drag chain conveyors, and BULKup can be perfectly assembled. In addition, a restructured shipping area allows our engineers to run final acceptance testing on our finished complete systems right where they are. Finally, our expanded courtyard is the perfect place to load shipments and store raw materials.


Active in nearly every industry

Schrage customers come from an extremely wide variety of industries: From cement plants, power plants, and the coal industry all the way to recycling companies. But it is in the pharmaceutical and food industries that revenue has grown the most as a result of Schrage’s comprehensive know-how.


There are good reasons for both management and employees at Schrage Conveying Systems to expect a bright future, with some of them including the team’s continuing enthusiasm for coming up with new solutions, the wide variety of interesting industries represented by our clientele, the fact that our systems are in use across the world, and our positive order situation.


Always ready.

We know, what your bulk material need.

BEng Daniel Schrage

Technical Project Management

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