Recycling technology & Bulk materials:

High-quality recycling technology for clean raw material transport

High-quality recycling technology for clean raw material transport

Not “just waste”: the production of high-quality secondary
raw materials has become more important than ever. The
possibilities of moving them from A to B with the tube chain
conveyor are just as varied as the recyclable products
themselves. The bulk material handling solutions by Schrage
have many advantages: many possible combinations, much
lower energy consumption than alternative conveyor
technology, flexibility, economic efficiency, and on top of that,
they are even environmentally sound – convincing recycling

Comprehensive know-how in bulk material handling

What makes the conveyor systems from Friedeburg so unique is their systems engineering knowledge.Schrage develops the most sophisticated layouts for the toughest bulk materials.Wherever other systems start to fail, we will find a solution.Whether the finest dust or coarse residues – not a problem for our recycling technology!Free of dust, gas or odour, the Schrage tube chain conveyor will safely deliver all bulk materials to their destination.Your bulk material and the conditions on site will define the material and the design.Each conveyor system is just as individual as your bulk material.And thanks to the closed system, even deliveries of up to 40 m in height are possible without a problem.


Used in virtually all areas of recycling

Whether PVC residues for manufacturing plastic profiles, granulates for recycling bottles, fillers for paper production, timber residues for new chipboards or iron powder for metal recycling – we will always focus on your final product. Because we know: high-quality production goods require absolutely clean raw material handling without any kind of material contamination. But our tube chain conveyor is also very sought after in other industries, such as waste incineration plants, sewage treatment plants and rendering plants.

Profound knowledge and extensive experience

Check it out: You will find Schrage simply everywhere! Our space-saving and economic solutions already convey an incredible variety of bulk materials.Here are just a few examples:

Activated carbon, aluminium chips, animal meal, ash, automotive shredder residue, automotive waste, bark mulch, battery waste, bone meal, brass powder, carbon, carbon black, carbon dust, cellulose, cement, ceramic beads, ceramic dust, clay, compost, concrete gravel, copper granulate, cullet, dust, dry wall residues, filter dust, fly ash, granulates, ground material, gypsum, hard coal, kaolin, lead dust, lignite coke, metal residues, mineral mixtures, mortar residues, oil fly ash, oil sludge, paper chips, pavement gravel, PET bottles, plaster residues, plastic waste, plastic chips, polyethylene, potash salt, powder, pyrolysis coke, regranulate, rocks, sand, sand mixtures, sewage sludge, shredded material, slag, slaughter residues, small scrap, sprues, stringer, topsoil, used oil mixtures, waste, woodchips, zinc concentrate, zinc oxide.