Every bulk material is different:
Do you know your own value?

Are you aware of all the properties of the product that you would like to transport? Bulk material
is not just bulk material! Successful conveying methods are not necessarily transferable to
other materials. We always start with analysis.
This helps us to determine the extent of the challenge and enables us to deliver swift and accurate responses to your enquiries. Material characteristics, for example …

The Schrage bulk material test:
We want details!

Are we dealing with, e.g.:

- dust, granules, powder, or sludge?
- fine or coarse grain?
- a special material such as cullet or filings?
- viscous or even explosive materials?

Send us a sample and we will compile a “diagnosis”. At Schrage, we fully utilize the extensive experience that we have gained from the construction of over 2,300 layout configurations, while inspecting your bulk material.
We can also analyze all the technical details, such as the conveying or attritional
characteristics, before offering you the utmost ideal solution.