Rotary valve

Accurate dosage

  • Continuous product feed
  • Compact design
  • Prevents overfilling of the tube chain conveyor
  • Basic body of the metering unit and the rotor in ST design made of wear-resistant material
  • Available in almost all common materials adapted to the bulk material
  • Choice between two different versions: ZD250-350 and ZD350-350
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Schrage Products EQUIPMENT Rotary valve

Rotary valve

Accurate dosage

Metering is not that easy: If the feed hopper is too full, the bulk material will press down too heavily into the hopper or the chain and cause congestion. That doesn't have to be the case! A great idea by Schrage: The rotary valve provides for a continuous feed of the bulk material in order to prevent congestion and jamming inside the conveyor system, especially in the case of fast-flowing materials. Suitable for rough pre-metering – no seal against pressure or underpressure. Some extras for your bulk material: On top is totally normal for us!

Version & Options

Customized equipment

ZD 250-350 (Feed and discharge dimensions: 250x350 mm)
  (Conveying capacities of up to 18 m³/h)
ZD 350-350 (Feed dimensions: 350x350 mm; discharge dimensions: 250x350 mm)
  (Conveying capacities of up to 35 m³/h)

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