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Mobile truck loading

Bulk material here – truck there: Does Schrage have a great solution? Yes! Here is the solution for versatile and uncomplicated bulk material reloading: The stand-alone model for mobile truck loading features dust-tight filling, almost 100% residual discharge and an ATEX option – all you need is a power outlet.

And, of course, it comes with everything that makes our stationary conveyors so irresistible, such as worldwide service, sophisticated logistics and quality made in Germany.  We know what you and your bulk material need – regardless of the destination.


All the advantages at a glance

  • Fast truck filling for short reloading times
  • Compact and space-saving bulk material handling
  • Mobile conveyor systems are moveable on castors, rails or by lift truck
  • Truck loading with high stability and operational reliability
  • Also bag loading, manual loading or big bag loading
  • Readily available reloading system – all you need is a power outlet
  • Suitable for many bulk materials - also abrasive, toxic or chemically aggressive goods
  • Weather-resistant and temperature-resistant design

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