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Sludge transport

No sludge is like any another sludge!

Each industry has its own kind of sludge: Sewage sludge or shredded waste in the waste disposal industry, coffee grounds and meat paste in the food industry, apple puree or pomace in the beverage industry, wet ashes and biomass in the power stations and much more. 


However, all of these types of sludge have one thing in common: Our conveyor system has no problem handling them because we individually adjust each system to your needs. And we know which technology and which materials to use to easily transport your product from A to B. Give it a try! We guarantee you’ll find a clean solution.


All the advantages at a glance

  • Energy saving and low wear operation
  • Few residues inside the conveyor system due to a design without any dead spaces
  • Transportation of challenging media and harmful or dangerous substances
  • Odour-free transportation
  • ATEX-compliant design for extremely explosive areas

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