Big bag emptying stations for forklifts

Perfect for getting things moving.

This big bag emptying station, which was designed specifically for forklifts, is the perfect way to handle your bulk materials in a straightforward and hygienic manner. It ensures that every big bag is emptied reliably and virtually completely, with a hopper attachment with an additional diaphragm, various docking systems, and feed hoppers all playing a role.


For big bag heights

Special dimensions upon request

Fully loaded with advantages.

  • Single-hand maintenance opening operation
  • Adjustable seal (eccentric)
  • Optional vibratory discharge accessories
  • Rocker device with pneumatic controls
  • All options can be retrofitted and removed
  • User-friendly feed hopper
  • Grating for bag loading
  • Optional ATEX-compliant versions
  • Optional cross cutter for emptying single-use big bags

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