Railroad car unloading

Simple. Affordable. Smart.

Set up, connect, and get cracking – our Truck Loader 270 can fill trucks, railroad cars, and containers in record time. The use of two big bags make continuous filling possible, and fast material changes prevent time-consuming intermediate stops thanks to virtually 100% residue emptying.




Just like our stationary conveyor systems, our mobile truck loading models comes with uncompromising quality, cost-cutting conveying technology, and worldwide service. That’s something you can expect from every single one of our mobile conveyor systems – all powered by Schrage, of course.


Fully loaded with advantages.

  • Short handling times
  • Casters, rails, or forklifts
  • Long service life and high operational reliability
  • Abrasive, toxic, and chemically aggressive materials
  • Easy bag, manual, and big bag feeding
  • Dustproof or gas-tight
  • One 400 V outlet is enough
  • Weatherproof and temperature-resistant
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Suitable for systems

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