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Food grade conveyor technology by Schrage

neat and clean

Rigorous hygiene requirements and the handling of sensitive bulk materials require a lot of experience in the food industry. All of the products have different properties and, therefore, different demands on the food grade conveyor equipment.

Individually adapted to any bulk material

Our advantage is sourced from our extensive know-how in food grade conveyor technology as well as the customized design of our tube chain conveyors. Nuts and almonds require different materials than flour and lactose or raisins and corn flakes.

In general, however, there are no limits to transporting any kind of product, from fine dust to granules, coarse bulk materials, or even adhesive products. Each tube chain conveyor is customized to the bulk material and the hygienic requirements on site. Especially smooth and easy to clean surfaces made of noncorrosive stainless steel, customized conveyor chains, as well as the use of food safe grease and oil are a given.

Transport discs, developed especially for the food industry, prevent the contamination of the food that is caused by material abrasion. Their composition makes them detectable for optical foreign matter detectors or metal detectors and provides for even more safety in the food industry, FDA approval included.

What would you like? Coffee, tea, or cocoa?

Doesn’t matter. Even if it gets a little sticky. The tube chain conveyor can be customized for any kind of bulk material.


The Food grade conveyors from Germany allow fast and clean product changes

Already during the design of the conveyor, possible spaces for product accumulation are eliminated. Areas inside the tube chain conveyor, in which dead spaces cannot be avoided, feature generous openings for cleaning. This virtual dead space free design allows for fast product changes without extensive intermediate cleaning. However, due to the closed system, “Cleaning in Place” (CIP) is also easy to implement and automate. Very sticky or adhesive products, which will not come off of the conveyor chain by mere gravitation, can be separated from the chain by means of numerous forced discharge devices, such as rotating brushes, directed vibrations of the conveyor chain, or a targeted air jet or shot.


Five sizes with all the Schrage advantages

All chain conveyors are designed in modules with all the advantages that Schrage has to offer: 

  • Conveyor lines of up to 60 m horizontal or 40 m vertical
  • Flexible layouts
  • Small space requirements
  • Low energy consumption
  • Dust, gas, and pressure-tight bulk material handling
  • Food grade conveyor design
  • Detectable food grade conveyor discs
  • Smooth vertical conveyance
  • Five different sizes
  • Several inlets and outlets can be integrated into the layout
  • Low maintenance
  • Explosion-proof and flameproof (certified)
  • All designs also available with ATEX compliance.

In close cooperation with the German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL), several layouts and designs of our tube chain conveyors were tested and optimized for the food industry.
A lower chain speed and ideal material pairing guarantee the low wear of the machine parts and the gentle transport of the bulk materials – with virtually no destruction of the grain. This guarantees consistently high food quality.

And since we don’t like to leave things to chance, testing in our in-house pilot plant helps in selecting the optimum materials upfront.

And we would like to invite you to join us! Bring some of your bulk material and together we will find the optimum solution for the development of your conveyor system.

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