Schrage vs. Aeromechanical conveyors

Aeromechanical conveyors: A comparison

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Aeromechanical conveyors

  • Low initial costs
  • Can have multiple direction changes
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Tube chain conveyors

  • High operational safety
  • Customizable conveyor chain
  • Low chain speed
  • Low grain destruction
  • Minimal wear
  • Can be stopped and started with material inside
  • ATEX versions available
  • Dust-ignition-proof and pressure-surge-resistant

About aeromechanical conveyors

Aeromechanical conveyors are a type of enclosed tube conveyor. These conveyors feature discs that are attached at regular intervals along a steel cable that moves in a continuous loop.

The high speed at which the steel cable moves through the system generates an air stream inside the tube, forming an air pocket behind each conveyor disc. The material being handled is conveyed inside these air pockets.

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