Truck Loader 270

Mobile tube chain conveyor

Schrage Products MOBILE Variants Truck Loader 270

Twice the power

Truck Loader 270

Are you looking for easy, fast and safe handling of your bulk materials? No problem! Our Truck Loader makes bulk materials handling twice as fun.
It loads up trucks, wagons and containers using twice the power. Two big bags provide for continuous bulk material loading and eliminate time-consuming stops. 


And, of course, our Truck Loader has everything that makes our fixed systems so irresistible: Fast product changes due to virtually 100% residual emptying and high operational safety due to dust-free handling of bulk materials. So, what are you waiting for? Park it, plug it in and power up!


All advantages at a glance

  • Fast on-site bulk material handling

  • No waiting times due to continuous filling from two big bags

  • Can be moved on castors, rails or by a lift truck

  • High stability and operational safety

  • Dust-free and gas-tight handling of various bulk materials

  • Fast start-up, all that is needed is a power supply

  • Also suitable for abrasive, toxic or chemically aggressive bulk materials

  • Weather and temperature resistant design


Mobile & stationary tubechainconveyor

Mobile & stationary tubechainconveyor

Each of the mobile conveyors can be designed as a stationary conveyor as well. The conveyors can be planned individually according to your needs.
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