Cleanliness & Efficiency
Clean solutions to conveying problems

We do whatever we can to make sure that your bulk material gets safely to its destination by handling it gently. This way, we ensure that the high quality will be kept up!

Food safety:
You will like this!

Conveyor technology for the highest
hygienic demands. Designs without
dead spaces and food-safe materials.

Detectable disc material:
Keeping it safe! 

Developed especially for the food industry:
Detectable conveyor discs for more safety in

Cleaning in Place (CIP):
Clean and safe

Easy connection to cleaning systems for
fast product changes with integrated CIP
cleaning ports.

Brush cleaning station:
Nothing will stick!

Wet bulk materials or sticky products? No
problem! Rotating brushes provide for a
clean conveyor chain.

Cleaning discs:
Tube clear!

No matter if the bulk materials are sticky
or powdery. Cleaning discs clear the inside
of the tube from the residual product.