Wood industry

Away from the wrong tree...

... and straight to the target with the right system! Working on, processing, finishing, and even reusing wood are all standard activities throughout the lumber industry. Our tubular drag chain conveyors can help the corresponding companies


convey sawdust, wood waste, and shavings for the production of particle board or woodchips. In addition, pulp, additives, and adhesives can all be conveyed without issue.


Granules, pellets, powder, ground stock, flakes, fibers. Even challenging nanoparticles, fluidizing bulk material, and sludge can be reliably conveyed from one production step to the next with partially customized Schrage systems. To put it another way, our tubular drag chain conveyors are the perfect way to feed bulk materials into an ongoing process while avoiding abrasive wear and segregation.

Always ready.

We know, what your bulk material need.

BEng Daniel Schrage

Technical Project Management

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