Minerals & construction materials

No sand in the gears...

... but on its way in our tubular drag chain conveyors. The mineral and construction material industry is known for complex conveying paths that need to make the most use of the little space available. Tubular drag chain conveyors are the perfect solution,

and can gently convey pourable bulk materials and raw materials for making cement, magnesia, and calcium carbonate directly into mixers, stirrers, and other filling stations while keeping dust to a minimum.

A three-dimensional line layout makes it possible to reach every single production step without issue. In addition, the use of individual conveyor compartments combined with specially designed conveyor systems ensures that bulk materials will not undergo any segregation. The result? A system that consistently works to prevent quality fluctuations. Moreover, the entire production chain can be equipped with our conveying systems in order to intelligently simplify workflows, resulting in shorter conveying paths and the ability to avoid unnecessary temporary storage.

Always ready.

We know, what your bulk material need.

Christian Schmidt

Technical Coordinator

+49 4465 9469-22

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