Shipping & logistics

Efficient, mobile, and flexible.

No rebuilding or alterations necessary, and forklifts can easily move things where they need to be. Always getting things where they’re needed fast. Perfect for transferring materials to silo trucks, containers, big bags, and bags right on site.


Continuous filling without breaks and unbeatably fast material changes. All of this perfectly tailored to your specific needs and optionally available in stationary format.

Extremely flexible and straightforward bulk material handling with dust-free loading, virtually 100% residue emptying, and optional ATEX-compliant versions. All you need to bring is an electrical outlet and you can put any of our special units to work right away: Our Container Conveyor Unit can handle two big bags simultaneously and is not only capable of continuous filling, but also features unbeatably high throughput rates. Our model for mobile railroad car unloading reimagines the whole concept behind that type of handling operation. And finally, our Truck Loader 270 can fill trucks, railroad cars, and containers in record time. 



Every mobile model can be optionally designed to be stationary instead and customized according to your specific needs.


Always ready.

We know, what your bulk material need.

Ralf Ronken

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