Cleaning discs

Cleaning discs for clean tubes and smooth product flow
Cleaning discs for clean tubes and smooth product flow

Something for everyone! Depending on the industry and the bulk materials, different cleaning discs provide for smooth conveying:

Extra-large cleaning discs – for adhesive products: They are permanently installed at certain intervals between the normal sized conveyor discs. Nothing will stick and the tube is always clear.

Brush discs – for powdery products: They are used briefly, just prior to a product change, in order to remove possible product residues.

Elastic sealing discs – for the vertical conveying of fluidising products: They prevent bulk material from flowing back and, depending on the product, are installed either permanently or as cleaning discs. This way, moist products can be removed easily from the conveyor or residual moisture after a wet cleaning can also be eliminated.

Scraper discs - for more adhesive bulk materials: They prevent products from lining the inside of the tube and subsequent hardening and are installed for the cleaning.

All the advantages at a glance

  • Keeping the inside of the tubes clear to prevent the system from jamming
  • Depending on the product, different models can be combined
  • Can be installed and uninstalled at any time
  • Support fast and easy product changes
  • Can be used continuously or just for cleaning purposes