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Food-safe bulk material handling

You will like it!

A well-known fact: Hazelnuts and muesli behave very unlike sugar or starch, dried fruit or flax seed. It’s good that our conveyor system knows almost no bounds and can handle fine and free flowing products just as easily as dusty, coarse or even sticky bulk materials.

We adapt every tube chain conveyor individually to your bulk material and also to the hygienic requirements on site. Especially smooth and easy to clean surfaces made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, customised conveyor chains and also the use of food-safe greases and oils? Of course! And conveyor discs especially developed for the food industry? Absolutely! Because they prevent impurities in the food caused by material abrasion.

Featuring FDA approval, Schrage provides for even more safety in food production and also brings your bulk material on the right track!

All the advantages at a glance

  • Completely closed off transportation systemDust, gas and pressure tight food conveying
  • Smooth surfaces and ample cleaning holes
  • CIP can easily be integrated into the tube chain conveyor
  • Fast and easy product changes
  • Special detectable disc material for detection via metal detectors
  • Cold storage transportation and transportation via heated conveyor possible

Detectable disc material

Special products – special qualities

In the food industry, high demands on cleanliness often require the use of special materials. Therefore, our engineers have developed special conveyor discs for the food industry: Due to their composition, they can be detected by optical foreign substance detectors as well as by metal detectors.


This way, possible impurities within the food, e.g. caused by material abrasion, can be prevented by segregating contaminated bulk material on time. With the FDA approval, this provides for even more safety in food production. With conveyor technology by Schrage, you are definitely on the safe side!


All the advantages at a glance

  • Prevention of food contamination
  • Bolted conveyor discs can be replaced or retrofitted at any time 
  • With blue colouring for optical detection
  • Admixing of additives for detection by metal detectors

Cleaning in Place (CIP)

Clean and safe

You have a product that requires “Cleaning in Place” (CIP)? Depending on the application, this is now also possible with our tube chain conveyors. We integrate CIP cleaning ports and any number of connectors for drying into the conveyor line. This way, you can connect them to your system on site and flush it with cleaning substances, disinfectants or even hot liquids. And all that without having to dismantle the system!

All the advantages at a glance

  • Several ports for cleaning and drying can be integrated into the system
  • No dismantling of the conveyor system is necessary for cleaning
  • Use of food-safe materials, smooth surfaces and detectable conveyor discs possible

Brush cleaning station

Nothing will stick!

Some bulk materials are quite attached; they stick or contain a lot of moisture and thus have a hard time separating from the conveyor chain on their own, if at all. This is where the brush cleaning station comes into operation. It is available for all three types of tube chain conveyor: Flat, vertical and upright as forced discharge.

But it is also great as a cleaning tool during product changes. The plastic brushes are driven via a small worm gear motor and while the conveyor chain moves through the station, it is cleaned by the offset brushes in the upper run or return run. The bulk material taken off the chain falls back into the conveying run and is transported from there. Simply a great solution!

Patent no. P 19728053

All the advantages at a glance

  • Cleans the conveyor chains from sticky or attached product
  • Available in different designs
  • Provides absolute cleanliness during product change
  • Continuous operation or can be added for cleaning purposes when needed

Cleaning discs

Tube clear!

Something for everyone! Depending on the industry and the bulk materials, different cleaning discs provide for smooth conveying:

Extra-large cleaning discs – for adhesive products: They are permanently installed at certain intervals between the normal sized conveyor discs. Nothing will stick and the tube is always clear.

Brush discs – for powdery products: They are used briefly, just prior to a product change, in order to remove possible product residues.

Elastic sealing discs – for the vertical conveying of fluidising products: They prevent bulk material from flowing back and, depending on the product, are installed either permanently or as cleaning discs. This way, moist products can be removed easily from the conveyor or residual moisture after a wet cleaning can also be eliminated.

Scraper discs - for more adhesive bulk materials: They prevent products from lining the inside of the tube and subsequent hardening and are installed for the cleaning.

All the advantages at a glance

  • Keeping the inside of the tubes clear to prevent the system from jamming
  • Depending on the product, different models can be combined
  • Can be installed and uninstalled at any time
  • Support fast and easy product changes
  • Can be used continuously or just for cleaning purposes

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