Optimise your truck loading time!

Do you want to load your bulk material right here on site? And as quickly as possible? Great! You have come to the right place!

Use our loading time calculator and check it out! Simply enter your data and take a look at how our mobile loading system can optimise the time needed for handling your bulk material.

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  1. How many big bags would you like to unload simultaneously?

  2. How large is the capacity of your silo truck, container or wagon? Please also consider the possible weight limitations.

  3. min
  4. How long does it take to get, insert, open and dispose of the big bag? What is the distance you have to cover with the big bag from storage to loading station? Also take into consideration the obstacles, e.g. gates. How many people and lift trucks are involved in the loading process? Are the big bags opened manually or by a knife in the big bag station?

  5. Enter the volume of the big bag to be unloaded.

  6. 30 m³/h
  7. Which configuration do you need for your tube chain conveyor? Test the result of the total loading time with respect to the desired handling volume per hour. Please consider the following: What are the flow properties of your bulk material? The more adhesive the material is the longer the loading process will be. Tumblers can be used to loosen easily adhering or bridge-forming products. Our engineers will be happy to assist you on this topic.

  8. min
  9. The calculated total loading time is merely an approximate value! This is due to different on-site conditions as well as times that are hard to calculate, e.g. moving the vehicle in case of multiple filling domes. However, the value calculated here is an ideal basis for our engineers for preparing an individual offer. Please do not hesitate to call us or fill out our enquiry form. We are looking forward to your message!