Tube Chain Conveyor:
Quality down to the smallest of details

Here you can find all technical details about our tube chain conveyors. In case of questions you can call us or one of our local representatives. We are always available for your enquiries.



Flat Tube chain conveyor with many combination possibilities

Data sheet for the
flat Tube chain conveyor

Especially its low installation height makes
it the first choice for many applications. 

The upright conveyor is useful to overcome larger distance without any supports

Data sheet for the
upright Tube chain conveyor

Even when it gets a little bit tricky: For example,
when only narrow passages are available, or 
for a larger distance without any supports. 

The vertical conveying is almost maintenance free and amazingly affordable

Data sheet for the
vertical Tube chain conveyor

The vertical conveyor requires no tensioning
station and is thereby almost maintenance
free and amazingly affordable.