Horizontal, vertical or upright:
Tube Chain Conveyers are real quick-change artists

You can take our motto “We Convey Solutions” quite literally. Because the Schrage tube chain conveyers are so flexible that they can be employed in a nearly infinite number of variations.
Due to their compact dimensions, low maintenance, ease of use, and astonishingly low energy consumption, the Schrage chain conveyers have rightfully become extremely popular. And we would be pleased to help you choose your ideal variation.

With many extras:
Tube chain conveyors for flexible application

The reason for this is as simple as it is convincing: We plan your system individually in a modular design. Layout, materials, and speed will be perfectly adapted to your bulk material. The basic version of our tube chain conveyor is available in five different sizes, along with many practical components: And with many practical components: brush or knocking units for cleaning the chains and for discharging, and special flap or slider systems for intermediate discharge with as little dead space as possible. Or how about a tube chain conveyor as a heat exchanger?

No matter how different your layout may be: We will help you decide on the best solution.