Schrage vs. Belt conveyors

Belt conveyors: A comparison

Belt conveyors

  • Higher delivery rates possible
  • Longer conveying distances feasible
  • Gentle conveyance

Tubular drag chain conveyors

  • 100% dustproof
  • Can have multiple inlets and outlets
  • Dust-ignition-proof
  • 3D line layouts
  • Optional: gas-tight and pressure-tight
  • Excellent safety record
  • Vertical conveyance is not an issue
  • Can convey high-temperature materials

About belt conveyors

Belt conveyors are continuous conveyors used to convey materials horizontally or at a shallow angle. These conveyors can be used both for unit loads and for bulk materials. In the case of long belt conveyors, however, it is often necessary to use several drive pulleys in order to be able to transmit the required driving power.

Idlers are an essential part of a belt conveyor, since the belt that is moving in a loop between the head and tail pulleys needs to be supported. Moreover, the type and number of idlers used plays an extremely important role in defining the conveyor’s power requirements.

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