Big bag emptying

Empty in a matter of seconds

Schrage systems can be used to empty big bags independently of other systems. Not only that, but we can make the model stationary or mobile according to your preferences. Our

variable big bag emptying system will transfer your bulk materials and fill and empty hoppers as needed. In other words, it’s the perfect solution for tackling short conveying distances, combining utmost flexibility with ideal cost-effectiveness.

Safe, spotless, Schrage

Clean, gas-tight, pressure-tight. Gentle on materials while ensuring operational safety in hazardous locations, and with the option of an ATEX-compliant design. And by carefully selecting materials and using a foresighted design approach, we can make sure that our conveyors are especially resistant to wear and require little maintenance. After a straightforward process for putting them into operation, they can convey nearly any pourable bulk material – regardless of whether dusty, granular, or coarse – without segregation and with virtually 100% residue emptying.

Use in almost all industries.

Always ready.

We know, what your bulk material need.

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