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Weighing Frame Conveyor

Meticulous measuring

Metering bulk material straight from the big bag, mobile and without any intermediate steps? It works and it sure makes bulk material handling a whole lot easier! But not only that – it also saves costs and, due to dust-free loading, it also provides more safety. Schrage Conveying Systems from Friedeburg, Germany, shows you how it works.

In some industries, each gram counts: Exact metering during the packaging of bulk material is just as essential as during the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. An example from the chemical industry shows you just how individual the requirements can be.
“A client needed a system for feeding mixers”, says CEO Ralf Schrage, “and it was needed at several points throughout the production line and for exactly metered additives of different colours”. “For us, that meant we had to develop a mobile conveyor system with an integrated scale which would enable quick product changes while guaranteeing a high degree of residual emptying in order to avoid the contamination of the products.” This was the perfect problem to be solved by the engineers at Schrage Conveying Systems.


For this project, the properties of the different additives played an important role in determining the best suitable conveyor unit. Furthermore, due to the structural conditions, the conveyor had to be variable in its height.

The solution: A mobile tube chain conveyor

in combination with big bag station and weighing frame

With this smart solution, everything is quite easy now: The mobile conveyor is moved to the respective mixer, the big bag is hooked up and then the conveyor is connected to a power outlet and is ready to go.

Simply enter the desired withdrawal quantity into the control unit and the conveyor will stop as soon as the set level has been reached. The weighing unit is gauged using the data from the bulk density and flow properties. This data as well as the properties of the bulk material are also used to determine the materials, wall thicknesses and the weighing cells of the weighing unit. During the transport, the control unit continuously measures until the desired final weight or the set withdrawal amount has been reached.

Conveying and weighing in one step

saves costs

The cost savings incurred by using the weighing frame conveyor can be quite substantial, since
it eliminates the need for upstream or downstream check weighers. Due to the mobility and thorough residual emptying, only one single system is needed. The big bag can be hooked up directly and reloading is no longer necessary.

All that is needed to use the conveyor is a simple power outlet and a firm, stable surface. Since the entire system, i.e. the tube chain conveyor including the big bag discharge station, rests on weighing cells, wherein very exact metering (+/- 200 g) is possible using gravimetric weighing.

Unlike conventional filling scales that produce a lot of dust, this system allows for completely dust-free weighing and conveying. This guarantees high operational safety even while processing explosive or toxic products.

A robust weighing system with a long service life

The compact design of this conveyor system saves space and its construction is made of high quality materials while keeping wear and maintenance costs at a minimum for a long life span.
Regardless of which design you choose – fixed installation on site or mounted to a mobile rack – the weighing frame conveyor will provide you with flexible and effective bulk material handling. Further advantages of this system are fast and simple product changes at virtually 100% residual emptying, gentle handling and low grain destruction as well as the transport of very different, even very challenging, materials – from adhesive to explosive.


Our bulk material weighing systems configured just for you!

Like all Schrage conveyor systems, the weighing frame conveyor is also individually configured for each customer.  All the modules and accessories can be combined in any way you wish. Whether mobile or permanently installed, for filling or discharging, this conveyor will master any conveying task. Based on the desired flow rate, one of five diameters is selected and, depending on the bulk material properties and the layout, grain sizes of up to 100 mm, bulk densities of more than 3 t/m³ and throughputs of up to 80 m³/h are all possible.


The variable modular system also allows the application in very different branches of the industry. The conveyor can be designed for food safety or equipped with brushes for adhesive products.


Instead of filling mixers, it would also be possible to use an adapter for filling big bags or conventional bags, just to name a few possible application examples.

The biggest advantages of the weighing frame conveyor from Friedeburg are its flexibility and
the elimination of time consuming intermediate steps: Bulk material is simply measured and reloaded, e.g. from a big bag to a mixer – time and cost savings, which will very quickly pay off economically – Ralf Schrage is absolutely convinced of that fact.

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