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Bucket elevator compared totube chain conveyor

Advantages of tube chain conveyors

  • Less grain destruction at accordant product charge and discharge
  • Suitable for coarser bulk materials and larger grain sizes
  • Higher conveyor capacities possible
  • Larger conveyor heights possible

Advantages of tube chain conveyors

  • Permanently dust-tight system
  • Easy to charge and discharge
  • Far easier cleaning because of its design with almost no dead space
  • Multiple inlets and outlets possible
  • Less maintenance necessary since vertical bulk solids handling does not require any tensioning stations
  • Pressure shock resistant and flame propagation proof conveyor system
  • Many variations possible due to its  flexible layout
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Bucket elevator

Bucket elevators (also called bucket conveyors) are continuous conveyors used to vertically convey all kinds of bulk materials.

A bucket elevator has a top station (with a drive shaft, motor, and gear drive) and a bottom return-end station. The steel elevator shafts in which the buckets are moved up and down between the redirecting stations are referred to as “shafts”, “trunking“ or "bucket Elevator legs”.

In a bucket elevator, V-shaped buckets made of steel or plastic are attached to a pulling element that moves in a continuous loop, i.e., a roller chain (in chain-driven bucket elevators) or a belt (in belt-driven bucket elevators). These buckets continuously are loaded with material by means of hoppers or chutes. The material is then conveyed upwards and is tipped into a discharge chute behind the top redirecting station.

Depending on their overall width, their bucket capacity, and the height that must be traversed, bucket elevators can require a large amount of power. A bucket elevator’s height is limited by the tare weight of its buckets and chains, and rarely exceeds 120 meters.


Often used in the following industries

Engineering, construction, as well as research
Mineral and construction material industry
Coal industry
Plastics and rubber industry
Power industry
Animal feedstuff industry
Timber industry
Metal industry
Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
Disposal, recycling, and environmental industry
Food industry

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